Marketing an Indie Romance Novel: Week 01 Process & Results

Meghan Ferrin
9 min readAug 7, 2022

I’m taking a completely unknown author (Christine Mayfaire) and building an audience for her a contemporary romance novel series, starting with releasing her debut novel a chapter at a time on Medium.

Here’s how it’s going.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

On August 01, I dropped the first chapter of Christine Mayfaire’s debut novel, “Better Than Fate”, on her Medium account.

Full disclosure: Christine Mayfaire is the combined pen name for me and my bestie Ami. “Better Than Fate” is our first co-written novel.

When I started, we had two followers and zero posts on Medium, and one of those followers was me. I had three followers on Instagram, and two of them were my other accounts. The third was a friend.

I was pretty much starting from nothing. I didn’t even have all the bots that had originally followed my Instagram account when I started it almost two years ago in anticipation of this day.

If I hadn’t already done so, that would have been step one for launching a new pen name you’re intending to use for a while:

1 Set up all of your social accounts and grab your URLs. I recommend you only work on growing one or two accounts at a time (in this case, Medium and Instagram), but lock down your handle on all of the major…